Marathon Training – Slowing Down Like The Tortoise

I have taken a new strategy to completing my first marathon.  One that I still can’t believe is working for me.  I worked up to running.  Walk for five minutes then run for five minutes. The time that I was taking to recover from the five minute run was slowing me down.  When I started hitting eight miles, I had trouble with my knees. After a short break to recover.

I started walking again. I started walking at a quicker pace.  In the old way, I was hitting a pace of 16 minutes a mile.  By slowing down to a fast walk, my pace per mile has been greatly reduced. I am averaging between 13:30-14:45 per mile.  With this new strategy, I feel better after completing eight miles.  I do not feel that I am totally drained of energy. After returning home, I had some leg issues until I stretched out.  I was planning on doing five miles in the morning.  Not sure how my legs are going to hold up so I will run after work.





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