Howdy Hi!

Thought I would add a midweek note to say hello to everyone.  Looking forward to posting some more cool fall pictures this weekend.  Most of these are shot from the iPhone and some are shot with my Canon SD1000. Maybe I’ll write up a post on theequipment that I use. 

Last weekend I was asked about cameras.  Not everyone needs a Nikon D90. Of course I would not turn one away. I read a quote from photographer Chase Jarvis, “the best camera is the one that you are holding.” This could not be more true.  Most people can do well with a decent point and shoot because they will not change any of the settings. If you are going to be photographing kids, you want to make sure that the camera takes the pictures as you hit the shutter button. Some cameras have a delay after you hit the button. A second thing to look for is the flash recycle time. I bought a Nikon L12 and the recycle time was close to 5 seconds. To me, that is a little long. With Little People, more shots is better.  I might take ten exposures to get one or two great shots.

More Later and Keep On Shooting,



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