Carjacking Video – Behind The Scenes

The carjacking video was a blast to create.  I was on location for another project and asked Paul Poteet and Tom Davis if they would mind shooting a quick video.  I was very appreciative that the obliged.

I  thought of the concept for this video earlier in the day. Two former news people would car jack me as I waited in my car. I had no idea about what the dialogue would be. I knew that I would ask to get a picture with them once I was outside the car.  The only direction that I gave them was, when I ask for the picture with them, go right into TV personality mode – give me big smiles and have a warm personality.  I figured that these two had worked together for so long, I would let them do their thing. In this case, them doing their own thing worked very well.

Once Paul and Tom agreed to do the shoot, Tom was curious about how we would shoot it.  The camera was hand held to show the perspective of the driver getting jacked. I really wished it had a wider lens. What can you do? The first take was pretty straight forward. Walk up to car, make small talk, and take the car. I made the mistake of not pointing the camera down far enough. We got some footage, you also wish you had more.

For the second take, I told them to rough me up a bit. Tom delivered a fury of open hand face slaps. These still hurt an hour after we were finished. On e of them, not sure who, grabbed me by the collar and pulled me out of the car. This worked and it was funny. It was interesting that people came out of their house the second time that I was carjacked and no one called to police or came out shooting. 

The editing was pretty straight forward because there was only two clips.  I used most of the second clip and then added  the last couple of seconds of the first clip.  I did this because there was more dialogue of me being confused about what had just happened.  There is a continuity issue even though the clip seems seamless.  When I start talking, the car is closer than it should have been. 

Thanks to Paul Poteet and Tom Davis for helping create this short video. They are two very funny guys to work with. One of my favorite parts is after they pull me out of the car, Paul Poteet yells “Don’t you know who we are?” That part cracks me up every time.


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