Run Workout for Tuesday August 24rd 2010

Not sure why I am smiling, I am 4.5 miles in to the run.

On the morning walk
Originally uploaded by BgKahuna

Went out early this morning. It was a lot cooler than the past couple days. I even ran through a fog cloud. It was amazingly awesome. Like being healthy with cataracts. I ran most of this route. I ran on feeling, not by time. Just ran when I felt like it. Had some great long runs.
Felt good after the run. Legs and knees hurt a bit during the day. Going to try to head out tomorrow afternoon with the boy.

Ever wonder what is on my iPod playlist?
Here you go:

-Black and Huge
-Vlad The Impaler
-Horror of Yig
-King Queen
-SIck of you
-Rag Na Rock

-Tripping on a hole in a paperbag

-Gave Up NIN mix
-Gave Up
-Hand That Feeds

Guns N Roses
-Welcome to the jungle
-Paradise City

Lady Gaga
-Bad Romance
-Poke Face

Early morning fog

Distance 5.43 miles
Time 1 hour 39 minutes
Route Walmart/Starbucks
Weather Cool and foggy
Time 5:15am


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