Run Workout for Monday August 23rd 2010

The boy and I on the Monon Trail.

The boy and I hit the Monon Trail this evening after dinner. We walked from 86th street to Broad Ripple and back. The weather was perfect and the trail, not to packed. I pushed the boy in the running stroller. The chicks are still digging him. Probably because he waves and smiles at each and ever one of them. I really do enjoy spending time on the trail with my children.

Walked all the way down to Broad Ripple and most of the way back. Towards the end I started interval running. Not to fast. The fourth and fifth mile were sub 15:30 with the running. I hope this marathon does not kill me.

The boy enjoying the ride.

Distance 5.00 miles
Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Location Monon Trail. Indianapolis, Indiana
Weather Warn and clear


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