My Year In Review

Have you reviewed 2015 yet?

You know…wins, losses, draws.  

Our family’s big win was selling our house. Yes, you read that correctly. We had been trying to sell it on and off for the last ten years. I think our jaws are still on the floor from selling it in one day. From the offer to closing, we kept waiting for the deal to cancel because we never thought it would happen. We are normally positive people, after working with three or four different realtors you hope wanes. We are very happy to have a new place. This will be the house I grow old and die in. 

This was also the year my son decided to play soccer last summer. I volunteered to help coach. I wound up as the teams head coach. The last time I kicked a soccer ball I was their age. 

Here’s the thing, I run, bike and swim long distances. Have you noticed the common theme of those sports? You can do them by yourself. I’m not a team sport type of guy. My first reaction was “you got the wrong guy”. I coach the math team by playing the games with the kids. I can’t coach a soccer team. Have you seen the VW commercial where the dad is trying to teach the kids to throw the baseball? That’s me. We got through the season. I don’t think we won any games, but we had fun and learned about teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

The rest of the year was packed with many other family and volunteer adventures that are too numerous to count. We explored our new neighborhood. We took the scouts to the wolf park in Lafayette. We camped at the IMS. A second grader told me I was too loud at the math bowl championships. Lots of exciting things happened this year. I even started to co-host a podcast. 

If you’re reading this, I’d encourage you to make your own adventure. Lead your family on their own awesome year. I hear a lot of people making excuses as to why they can’t have family adventures. 

My next project is starting a hiking club for families. Here’s the crazy thing, most of these hikes will be within the 465 loop. We are going to explore our own backyard. My plan is to meet once a month at places like Holiday Park, Ritchey Woods in Fishers and The Cultural Trail. The goal is to get kids outdoors, away from the screens, and with their families. We will hike one to three miles. I’m going to start this month. If you send people positive vibes, I’ll take them. 
Be awesome!

Make your own adventure. 
Note, I am participating in the #ThinkKit16 writing project. This is day two. Each morning, I receive a writing prompt and I try to write a blog post on it. I plan to do my best to participate in this daily prompts. My plan is to write something on most days. If you’d like to participate, search 


What’s My Deal?

What’s my deal?
Who is Leilan McNally?
I am a guy trying to make the world a more positive place. I try to inspire other to see the world as a positive place. I’m a dad. I’m a husband. I’m am overweight endurance athlete. I am the silverback of the cul-de-sac.  I inspire people to be awesome and big sexy. That’s my deal. 

The best way to do this is by example. I try to live a positive life and see the best in everything. How do I do this? I practice this everyday. For one thing, this way of thinking didn’t happen overnight. Slowly over the period of a couple years, I changed from being a curmudgeon to living a positive life.  

That’s my deal. 

Note, I am participating in the #ThinkKit16 writing project. Each morning, I receive a writing prompt and I try to write a blog post on it. I plan to do my best to participate in this daily prompts. If you’d like to participant, visit 

Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas to you and your family from us.   
2015 saw some big changes for us. We were blessed to finally sell our townhouse and buy a bigger house. We have been trying to sell it on and off for the last ten years. 

There were plenty of ups and downs as we navigated moving and all our activities. I can honestly say that I think we did it well. Well-ish. On a positive note, we are all still talking to each other. 

As the cool kids say, we can laugh about it now, we survived. 
As we head into the end of year festivities, please think about all the people who struggle during this time of year. Think of the people who may have lost loved ones earlier this year. The first Christmas is usually the hardest. I know the first couple were for me after my mother passed away. If you see someone having a rough go, reach out and be a listener. 

I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Michelle and the little people. This time of year lets me recharge my batteries. I wish you the best and a very, merry Christmas. 

Remember, you can donut. 

Take care. 
LKm and fam. 

Teaching Your Kids How To Shop For Christmas

I love teaching my son how to be a man. You know things like hunting, fishing and other manly things that men do. One manly thing I am excited to pass along to The Fox is Christmas shopping. Every man needs to know how to manage their time and be an efficient holiday shopper. Get in and get out. That’s the plan. 
Let’s face it, if you’re shopping before 5pm on Christmas Eve, you’re doing it wrong. Way wrong. 
The first lesson is to find a place that is more likely than not open on Christmas Eve. Your best bet, a gas station. Since the 80’s, most gas stations have been open on Christmas Day. They are a great place to shop for your loved ones. 

My advice is to avoid the smaller mom and pop gas stations because they will not have an awesome selection of possible Christmas gifts. Another thing that you need to teach your kid is speed. You are not on a shopping expedition. This is a strategic shopping mission. In saying this, do not select a gas station you have never been to before. Always, select your home station. You know, the one you frequent the most. Go to the gas station where the older clerks call you “sweetie” and “baby”. That means they know you and understand you. Also, they know why you’re there and won’t judge you. You’re holiday shopping secret is safe with them. 

The goal is to get in and out as fast as possible. This is a military operation. Find what you need for your spouse and siblings and get out. Do not dilly dally in the chip aisle. You’re there to shop for a couple Christmas presents for loved ones, not yourself. Well, unless they are having a sale on roller dogs. Mmmmmm roller dogs. 
My home gas station is Speedway. Why? Because they are modernizing most of their stations. They have cafes and are stocking them with a ton of retail items. If you can find one that sells diesel, you can surprise your wife with a CB radio. 

If you and your son cannot decide what to buy, I would like to suggest some practical items such as motor oil, beef jerky and or donuts. Donuts make a fantastic gift. Ask yourself this, who doesn’t love donuts. If you decide to buy donuts, make sure you get the Christmas sprinkles ones. Your wife will love those. Trust me. 
Have a Merry Christmas. 

People of the Holidays Selfie Photography Project


I’m excited to launch a new photography project, “People Of The Holidays”. A selfie photo project of all the people I come into contact with this holiday season. 
I wonder how many selfies I can post before January 2nd.  
This project starts right meow. 

State of the Podcast – June 17th, 2015

The podcast is coming together. It is definitely a wok in progress.

We have recorded two full episodes. This past week, we tried some new things. We recorded a “minisode”. Yes, I think we made that word up. This was a shorter, on the street podcast. We recorded the episode between storms downtown. This idea worked. I think we will be doing more of these in the future. We shot the video promo during a lightning storm. We can check that off the bucket list.

We also tried to shoot a walk and talk video. We learned that we would not be cast on the television show West Wing. We are not Aaron Sorkin material. Jason was on the fence about this idea. I kept saying lets try it. We did. I just don’t think it’s going to work. At least not at this time. The camera was too jumpy. I wasn’t crazy about the lighting. It was cloudy… then the sun came out. This really threw off how we looked. We were really hot (lighting wise) then really underexposed. It was awkward. Walking down the street holding the camera out in front of us. It didn’t feel comfortable or have any type of flow. It was difficult to get the flow down for the talking as we walked. We walked to the end of the block and back. I am pretty sure this was our last walk and talk video session.

But, here’s the thing, we tried. Lot’s of people talk about doing these things. I am just happy we tried.

We are seeing a ton of success on iTunes. More than I would ever imagine. It is a powerful beast. I thought it would take six to eight months to get the amount of subscribers that we have. I am thankful people are interested in the show. The next step is getting the listeners to share their success stories with us.

We are consistently writing for the blog. We even have a schedule. Monday is about motivation. Wednesday is about wellness. Friday is about fitness. We each take a turn writing. Jason has learned where my writing skills are weak, I make up for them with my video skills. I am a work in progress. Be sure to check out our blog.

Even after a month or two, we are still on schedule for our six year overnight success plan. We both agree, slow and easy wins the race. We are going to keep trucking forward.

We are recording another episode this Friday. This will be our first long format show. We are going to aim for sixty minutes. It you want to get some insight on forming and keeping habits, tune into TOOpodcast this Friday.

Thanks again,

Weekly Goals For The Week of June 13 th

 Goals from week ending June 6th. 

1. 500 words in my journal each morning.


2. Walk 5k each day. 


3. Devote an hour of play with the kids after school for four days. 

Success. Lots of reading together, Minecraft and four square. We even did a First Friday night downtown. 

4. Write a blog post each morning to build the writing practice. 


5. Ride the bike ten miles four days a week. 


6. Be more awesome and sexy than the previous day. 


The failures of the week were me. I stayed up too late working on other things and had no motivation to get up early in the morning. That changes tomorrow morning. Getting up earlier and attacking the day. 

Goals for week ending June 13th:

1. Write 500 words in my journal each morning. 

Definitely going to keep working on this goal. Even after resetting my phone and losing a year one writing in my DayOne app. With that setback, I’m moving forward. I thought the app was automatically backing up to Dropbox. I was wrong, it’s a manual backup. Went back to syncing in iCloud.  

I am heading to the Downtown Writers hack sponsored by the The Geeky Press. The are hosting a writing event on Tuesday night. For more information, check them out online. 

2. 10k steps before 10a

My friend Mike Thilman challenged me to this one. Going to walk every morning. This is also part of another challenge Jason DiBiase and I have on our TOOpodcast. Walk at least three times this week. We got this. 

3. Devote an hour of play with the kids after work. 

I need to focus on this and make time for it. This is one of the more important goals on the list. Last Friday, we hit the First Friday activities in downtown Indianapolis. We hit a few art galleries and the Indianapolis War Memorial. We climbed the steps and did nothing. Nothing. The kids and I sat there talking and laughing. We watched the sun go down. It was a great night. On the way home, MaM told me this was an awesome night. I can’t tell you the last time my daughter said that. 

4. Spend more time in reflection. 

I want to slow down the pace of my life. Meditation is going to be the new thing I try this week. I downloaded the Headspace app. The goal of this app is ten minutes a day. The reason behind this goal is more me time. Yes, I am important and my life matters. 

5. Awesome is as awesome does.