People of the Holidays Selfie Photography Project


I’m excited to launch a new photography project, “People Of The Holidays”. A selfie photo project of all the people I come into contact with this holiday season. 
I wonder how many selfies I can post before January 2nd.  
This project starts right meow. 

State of the Podcast – June 17th, 2015

The podcast is coming together. It is definitely a wok in progress.

We have recorded two full episodes. This past week, we tried some new things. We recorded a “minisode”. Yes, I think we made that word up. This was a shorter, on the street podcast. We recorded the episode between storms downtown. This idea worked. I think we will be doing more of these in the future. We shot the video promo during a lightning storm. We can check that off the bucket list.

We also tried to shoot a walk and talk video. We learned that we would not be cast on the television show West Wing. We are not Aaron Sorkin material. Jason was on the fence about this idea. I kept saying lets try it. We did. I just don’t think it’s going to work. At least not at this time. The camera was too jumpy. I wasn’t crazy about the lighting. It was cloudy… then the sun came out. This really threw off how we looked. We were really hot (lighting wise) then really underexposed. It was awkward. Walking down the street holding the camera out in front of us. It didn’t feel comfortable or have any type of flow. It was difficult to get the flow down for the talking as we walked. We walked to the end of the block and back. I am pretty sure this was our last walk and talk video session.

But, here’s the thing, we tried. Lot’s of people talk about doing these things. I am just happy we tried.

We are seeing a ton of success on iTunes. More than I would ever imagine. It is a powerful beast. I thought it would take six to eight months to get the amount of subscribers that we have. I am thankful people are interested in the show. The next step is getting the listeners to share their success stories with us.

We are consistently writing for the blog. We even have a schedule. Monday is about motivation. Wednesday is about wellness. Friday is about fitness. We each take a turn writing. Jason has learned where my writing skills are weak, I make up for them with my video skills. I am a work in progress. Be sure to check out our blog.

Even after a month or two, we are still on schedule for our six year overnight success plan. We both agree, slow and easy wins the race. We are going to keep trucking forward.

We are recording another episode this Friday. This will be our first long format show. We are going to aim for sixty minutes. It you want to get some insight on forming and keeping habits, tune into TOOpodcast this Friday.

Thanks again,

Weekly Goals For The Week of June 13 th

 Goals from week ending June 6th. 

1. 500 words in my journal each morning.


2. Walk 5k each day. 


3. Devote an hour of play with the kids after school for four days. 

Success. Lots of reading together, Minecraft and four square. We even did a First Friday night downtown. 

4. Write a blog post each morning to build the writing practice. 


5. Ride the bike ten miles four days a week. 


6. Be more awesome and sexy than the previous day. 


The failures of the week were me. I stayed up too late working on other things and had no motivation to get up early in the morning. That changes tomorrow morning. Getting up earlier and attacking the day. 

Goals for week ending June 13th:

1. Write 500 words in my journal each morning. 

Definitely going to keep working on this goal. Even after resetting my phone and losing a year one writing in my DayOne app. With that setback, I’m moving forward. I thought the app was automatically backing up to Dropbox. I was wrong, it’s a manual backup. Went back to syncing in iCloud.  

I am heading to the Downtown Writers hack sponsored by the The Geeky Press. The are hosting a writing event on Tuesday night. For more information, check them out online. 

2. 10k steps before 10a

My friend Mike Thilman challenged me to this one. Going to walk every morning. This is also part of another challenge Jason DiBiase and I have on our TOOpodcast. Walk at least three times this week. We got this. 

3. Devote an hour of play with the kids after work. 

I need to focus on this and make time for it. This is one of the more important goals on the list. Last Friday, we hit the First Friday activities in downtown Indianapolis. We hit a few art galleries and the Indianapolis War Memorial. We climbed the steps and did nothing. Nothing. The kids and I sat there talking and laughing. We watched the sun go down. It was a great night. On the way home, MaM told me this was an awesome night. I can’t tell you the last time my daughter said that. 

4. Spend more time in reflection. 

I want to slow down the pace of my life. Meditation is going to be the new thing I try this week. I downloaded the Headspace app. The goal of this app is ten minutes a day. The reason behind this goal is more me time. Yes, I am important and my life matters. 

5. Awesome is as awesome does. 


Big Win Friday-No Donuts on Donut Day


This was a busy week. The first week of the month usually is for me. Not complaining. I’m not bragging. There just seem to be a lot of things of the calendar that we can’t reschedule. Cub Scouts. Men’s Club meetings for church. Soccer.

I need to learn to say no more. Not to the things listed above. I am involved in these things because they are important to me or my children. I think it is important to be involved in those activities.

My big win of the week is getting the podcast we’ve been working on over the last month released. It was our first episode. If you read the post from Wednesday, you will know that was something that finally came to life. And, it came to life a week early. 

Last Saturday, I told the kids on the soccer team if they scored six goals I would do cartwheels across the field. Unfortunately, they did not score six goals. The most cartwheels I have ever completed in my life is one. This was for a dance contest at the race track on Carb Day. It did give me enough points to move into the finals and attempt to dance for $5,000. Spoiler alert, I totally lost. I should really consider this a big win. I don’t know if I could do that many cartwheels across a soccer field.

Another big win is that I ran a couple times this week. This is something I have not been able to do over the last month or so.

The biggest win of the week was not eating any donuts on national donut day. Yay me! 

There Will be Days You Don’t Have Time To Exercise

Yes, this happens. What do you do? Nothing. You move on and put this day in the past.

What do I mean? I mean we are not professional athletes. Working out and exercising is not our job. Sometimes life just works out that way. It happens. It’s best not to let it get to you. At least I don’t.

It was just one of those days. I was up late last night writing a post for the podcast website. I was up early for work this morning. Then, I  had stuff scheduled all afternoon. It’s 11pm and I just walked in the door. Am I exhausted? No. It was a full day.

In a perfectly scheduled day, I would have walked this morning and completed a T25 workout in the evening. No biggy. I will work harder at making sure I stay on schedule tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s plan. Side note, always have a plan. I will sleep in and catch up on sleep. I think rest is important. Head into work and put in my eight. Try and squeeze in a run and a bike ride after work and before soccer practice.

I am looking forward to the end of the soccer season. Hopefully, that will give me some more time during the week.

Today through me off my regular routine. I can adapt to change, but I really don’t like changing my routine.

Was it a productive day? Yes. I feel I accomplished a lot since 6am. Worked. Spent time with the little people and attended two volunteer sessions. I even shot a video with a friend taunting another friend on the internet. It was a good day.


Sorry for the short entry today. I will be working on a piece about my big wins from the week for Friday. I little teaser about an upcoming post I am working on for this site, is a post about how we are all broken souls. No person is perfect, we are all works in progress.  This one may be outside my happy go lucky wheelhouse. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. I have a fun and filled life. Yes, I get to do some cool things. But, I am far from perfect.

The state of the podcast

 What a week.

We released our first episode last Friday. Our first episode introduced Jason and myself. We wanted to give the audience a little background about us. Jason talked about what it’s like being an overweight man. He said that when your over 500 pounds you’re invisible. This was something I never knew about. We also learned a little about my background and why I run. 

We were really happy with the format. It worked for what we were doing. We went into this knowing we might talk over one another. Another concern was talking too fast. Because we planned this out, we were able to be aware of those potential problems and watch for them. 

You will learn more about us over the next couple months. We want to cover different topics to educate others and bring these difficult conversations into light. Some of these topics, such as depression and weight loss surgery, are issues people shy away from. I know I have. 

We want to have these conversations with you. We also want your insight. We want to know what you think about them. We also want to hear about your experience. 

We are planning on recording episode two this Friday. This episode is going to be about what we are planning to do with TOO podcast. I have a feeling what we’re doing today is going to be totally different than what we do in episode ten. It’s just a hunch. I think this episode will follow the same format as episode one. This may change in future episodes, but it works for us now. 

We received some great news today. The Obnoxious Optimists is officially on iTunes. We are very excited about this. Here is the link to the podcast.
Give us a listen and subscribe. 

Thank you again for your support. 


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


My peanut butter and jelly sandwich

I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for MaM yesterday. Usually, Michelle is the children’s lunch master. On this day, I was the lunch making master. And a pretty damn good one. 

When you have older children, you become a short order chef for certain meals. Lunch is one of them. Dinner is not. Ask the boss. She will tell you that. You eat what is on the table or not at all. Kids can be picky eaters. This means there are not going to be many different food requests from them. As was the case with my lunch duty. The kids wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have not had one of these in a long time. I am more of a roast beef and ham type of guy. As I was making the meals, the PB&J treat reminded me of my youth. 

As I prepared this lunch, getting the bread and jelly from the fridge and the peanut butter from the cupboard. I remember my mom making these sandwiches when I was a child. I’m not sure why, the PB&J sandwich always reminds me of summer. 

I can think back to a time, many years ago, having lunch with my friends at summer day camp at Hayes Park in Chicago. I can smell the grass, the sandwich and my smashed up chips. Let’s face it, the chips always got smashed. But, this is one of the few foods which make me think of being a kid. 

Of course this dream is ruined when MaM deconstructs the sandwich to pick off the thicker parts of the jelly. “Mommy always picks these parts off!” she yelled as The Fox mentioned to me mommy “knows not to put jelly on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich”. 

Parenting picky eater is hard. This is going to be a long summer. 

What foods make you think of your youth?  



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